Sunday, February 17, 2013

Away from home


 Welcome to Puerto Princesa City, Philippines! Home the famous Tubbataha Reef and the Puerto Princesa Underground River , one of the seven new wonders of nature.

This beautiful city is now going to be where I'm going to be based for the next couple of years. Currently I'm affiliated with the DOH-RITM and will be working on a research project on malaria. Since the island of Palawan is quite famous for this parasite, our team will be on the field researching a new emerging specie.

I've visited several provinces around the country but I have never been to Palawan before. So to think that I'm not just visiting but actually be living in Palawan was a pleasant surprise for most people that I know. My friends top reaction: "We have a place to stay when we visit Palawan!"

Tubbataha reef

St. Paul Underground River

Now that I'm here, watch out for future posts about my life here in Puerto Princesa. I've got much exploring to do in this paradise-like island. There are so many sights to see --Honda Bay, El Nido; and many new food to taste --seafood price here are really marked down!

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